Il pranzo più buono di sempre – Villa Rubini Redaelli

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Lezione di bon ton con la Contessa del Bono – Villa Rubini Redaelli

Cose da non fare a tavola. Lezione di bon ton con la Contessa del Bono a Villa Rubini Redaelli.

Home Tour – Martha Rossi – Villa Rubini Redaelli

Villa Rubini Redaelli|

Una sorpresa a Villa Rubini Redaelli

Interview, Villa Rubini Redaelli|

Get Married With A View Of Italy’s Finest: Villa Rubini Redaelli

Have you always dreamed of getting married with a view of a beautiful lake in the romantic country of Italy? Then Villa Rubini Redaelli with its several saloons and beautiful, early twentieth-century architecture is the venue for you. Read more on ZANKYOU

LIL per Elle Spose

Villa Rubini Redaelli hosted Elle Spose (a Hearst magazine) event on 12th September 2017. This special event highlighted the magic of this prestigious Villa on Lake Como. Luxury Italian Locations opened its doors of the Villa to professionals in the wedding world with the collaboration from the magazine Elle Spose, an authoritative voice that represents [...]

Villa Rubini Redaelli|

Serata culturale in villa

Last summer, for the first time, “La Donghese” proposed a replica of the comedy, staged during the previous winter, in the park of the Casetta nel Parco. After overcoming some apprehension (mainly due to the fear of not responding to the expectations of those who had promoted the initiative), having overcame the obstacles to the [...]