Last summer, for the first time, “La Donghese” proposed a replica of the comedy, staged during the previous winter, in the park of the Casetta nel Parco. After overcoming some apprehension (mainly due to the fear of not responding to the expectations of those who had promoted the initiative), having overcame the obstacles to the availability (critical during the summer) of the irreplaceable elements, requested (and obtained) the collaboration of the Committee of management of the Library, which with ready ease takes on the organizational part of events, we were able to adhere with pleasure to the invitation that the property had expressed.

Following the show “EL GARBȔJ” that evening over 200 people passed through the park gates, at the end of which they expressed their warm approval. The invitation to re-propose the experience for the summer met with immediate and unanimous response from everyone, actors and staff. The installation and fine-tuning of the necessary systems, with the experience gained, has been expeditiously experienced, moreover with a particularly successful location.
Reason for great satisfaction was the response of the large audience present (300 spectators) who demonstrated to appreciate, while having fun, the play, which in Dongo had already counted six performances at the “Magnolia” theater.

In confirming our satisfaction with the initiative, we would like to express our gratitude for the cordial welcome, the total availability and the exquisite hospitality offered to us; the magic of the place and the wonderful evening at the beginning of August were the sumptuous setting for an event that gratified us so much. The muffled atmosphere that, especially at night, usually envelops the Villa, was disturbed that evening by a gust of student spirit from our more discreet elements. They themselves, together with all the other members of the Company, wish to express their warmest thanks for the attention given to each one.

Lino Ferrario