Get Married With A View Of Italy’s Finest: Villa Rubini Redaelli

Have you always dreamed of getting married with a view of a beautiful lake in the romantic country of Italy? Then Villa Rubini Redaelli with its several saloons and beautiful, early twentieth-century architecture is the venue for you. Read more on ZANKYOU

Eamonn & Ruth – Count Pietro del Bono

Count Pietro del Bono interviewed by Eamon and Ruth of UK Channel 5's "How the Other Half Lives". The renowned British TV presenters had to stop at Villa del Bono on their way to lake Como to experience the thrill one of Luxury Italian Locations hidden historic homes, where they talked about history, aristocracy and traditional [...]

Interview, Villa del Bono|

Countess Corinna del Bono

Villa Troubetskoy: our tiny palladian villa in Mogliano Veneto where you experience the ancient spirit of a great Russian princely family

Interview, Villa Troubetskoy|