Fitz Roy string quartet + video

Villa Troubetskoy of LuxuryItalianLocations was the summer house of the Russian princely family of the Troubetskoy and where the Italian WW1 hero Francesco Baracca spent his last night before he was shot down by an austrian biplane. In this historical palladian villa, we spent a Lovely musical week end with the Fitz Roy string quartet. [...]

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Countess Corinna del Bono

Villa Troubetskoy: our tiny palladian villa in Mogliano Veneto where you experience the ancient spirit of a great Russian princely family

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Biennale in Venice

A thirty-something Italian architect who has moved to London for nearly two decades, decides to invite a group of friends to the Biennale: where will he go? The answer is simple: Villa Troubetskoy, one of LuxuryItalianLocations. Ten minutes from Venice’s airport, with many daily flights to the British capital, fifteen minutes away from Piazzale Roma [...]

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