Porsche in Cremella

Photo Shooting, Villa del Bono|

Getting close to the warmer season, there is nothing better than a nice car ride. And when the car is [...]

Borgospesso Cortili Aperti

Borgospesso 21|

On Sunday, May 21st, the Italian Association of Historic Houses in Milan repeated for the 24th consecutive year the event [...]

Biennale in Venice

Villa Troubetskoy|

A thirty-something Italian architect who has moved to London for nearly two decades, decides to invite a group of friends [...]

Winter in Cremella

Villa del Bono|

A historic villa surrounded by nature. The seasons that pass, inexorable, one after the other. A snowfall in January. A [...]

Alexandre Birman – PE 2017

Borgospesso 21, Fashion Show|

Ballet flats, stilettos, ankle boots. And, again, wedges and moccasins: Alexander Birman's for shoes, beautiful and handcrafted, a deep and [...]

Serata culturale in villa

Serata Culturale, Villa Rubini Redaelli|

Last summer, for the first time, “La Donghese” proposed a replica of the comedy, staged during the previous winter, in [...]

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